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'You've got a way of picking up things you don't quite yet own.'
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in Cars 2 one of the racecars mentions their mother. and then the racecar waves to his mother in the audience. one automobile birthed another automobile. 

when Mater tries to convince a car that he is not a spy, he says “i’m not a spy. my specialty is towing and salvage”. the car responds by saying “right. and mine is developing iPhone apps” before winking. not only is this a poorly placed pop cultural reference, but they have iPhones in this world. smartphones. Cars can hold mobile phones and use them and use their touch screen for various uses.

in Cars 2 there is a Pope. The pope is a car in a pope hat. he rides around in a Popemobile. a CAr is riding in another car. they make reference to the Popemobile. “is the Popemobile Catholic?”, Mater says as a “well duhhh” moment, much like our saying, “Is the Pope catholic?”. presumably this means the Popemobile is employed and must be specifically Catholic in order to be the chauffeur and carrier to the regular pope. Also, Catholicism is in this Universe. this means that there must have been an actual Jesus Christ car. also they mention at one point that gasoline is a “fossil fuel. as in dead dinosaurs!” so there must have been dinosaurs at one point in the Cars universe but were they actual dinosaurs or car dinosaurs how did this civilsation start how did the 

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 5 favourite movies [1/5]
↳ The Lion King (1994) 
“Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true king.”

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He rolls over slowly, still half asleep. Uses the back of one fist to rub his eyes.
Blinks several times. And then he sees me.
It’s a sleepy, sleepy smile.
I can’t help but smile back. I feel like I’ve been split open and stuffed with sunshine. I’ve never seen a sleepy Warner before. Never woken up in his arms. Never seen him be anything but awake and alert and sharp.
He looks almost lazy right now.
It’s adorable.

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Steve and Bucky + before and after

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Shailene Woodley for Bust Magazine

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Sebastian Stan aka the romanian cutie (◠‿◠)
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Dylan O’Brien attends the 2014 MTV Movie Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on April 13, 2014

Dylan O’Brien attends the 2014 MTV Movie Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on April 13, 2014

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